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Friday, July 15, 2005

People I miss... ... ...

where's luk and heng? just need the 2 of them.and it's me and my favourite brothers!

it's just the 4 of us hot babes. i miss u all ! :(

then there's mom, dad, lil bro and lil sis.

there's bren, qi, steph, ky.. other 21st like chris, wenz, hanting, alex, jia :) more oteamers like the hilarious desmond yeo, kiat, sweet, wai.. and the spiritmakers :) and more. and more. my clubbing buddies. i wanna mambo :(

ok. shall stop. dont say i didnt dedicate an entry to u all alright?

BlockquoteWe are moments in each others lives,

Your moments in mine will always be a treasured prize


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