Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Monday, January 02, 2006

NYE Countdown 2005 - Heart 2006!

Disclaimer - i have yet to upload my pictures from cedric. but Novi's photos are fantastic.. so have a look :D

me, novi and her colleague kim at Milson's Point. We were situated strategically under the harbour bridge and across from the opera house :D

preliminary 9.00pm fireworks :D .. nice...

that was the heart that appeared on the harbour bridge...

that's the little man standing at the sides of the bridge waiting for the opportune moment..

5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR! And he Shoots cupids arrow to the heart!!


the whole bridge bursts into fireworks!! wheee....


check out the colours!

still more fireworks happening in the background...

and cute boats all litted up in the harbour :D

we played a bit of taiti to kill time too.. after all it IS a 5 hour wait :D

Limin with a sparkler.. saying 'HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!'

Let's hope 2006 will really sparkly, glimmer and shine for all of us :D

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Update!

a blurry picture of the tree at martin place :D

me and the christmas tree!

me and novi with a big present! i tell u ah..sydney city was really devoid of decorations..this was the best we could do ...

presenting the moxt decadently decorated christmas tree in sydney! it is situated in the Queen Victoria Building and decorated by 15 000 Swarovski crystals! it's about 3 storeys high ...and huuuuge. it took 10 days non-stop working to decorate and put this tree up

Limin 'hey novi! let's shake the tree together.. if just 1 or 2 crystals drop it'll be great!!!!!' Novi 'stupid limin.... *mumblemumble*' sigh..we can hope right???

a close up of one of the 15 000 crystals.. wah!! wish one would have dropped into my lap that day... :(

luke, heejin, christine and myself. out at the korean bbq place. luke and christine are a chinese couple transferred here to do 3rd year from our tianjin branch. so down-to-earth, warm and friendly :D new friends.. and it's always nice to know new people. :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I have decided! my ideal guy must be able to travel the world with me. How cool will it be if we can work on a cruise ship together.. go backpacking together.. explore DUBAI together.. hahah.. can only pray and wait loh! in the meantime, if u are my friend u should keep a lookout, ok? *Wink*

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Grad Ceremony - thank goodness emma took pictures :D

'Limin Cheng!' hahh gotta receive my president's collar ... :D

thanks sir..thanks for my diploma.. ... i always thought i wouldnt feel as good getting this as wearing the square hat..but aiya :) it still feels very accomplished.. knowing i made it so far together with the 60 other people in my batch..we've been through SO MUCH together .. :)

that's me, jinny, novi and emma :) dont we look bright and chirpy in our smurfy best? :) that collar is the one i showed u guys ..i get to wear that with my grad gown next year :) ho ho ho..

johnson, me, novi & jinny.. we are gonna be housemates come 2006 :) woohoo :D it's gonna be a ball! we get a whole proper HOUSE!

all showing off their golden keys :) woohoo.. that is the alumni key by the way. it's a symbolic thing that represents we are about to leave the school :)

emma and jeffie!

dont we all look happy? :) i love these pictures. thanks emma for taking them! i was too caught up with my speech and arranging things that i forgot to bring my camera! sigh. oh well :)

alright that's all for now. this should be one of the last times i'm wearing my blue suit :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

bored :)

me and hulda!

jeff, me, the baby, and rency

the balloons at the top of the dancefloor waiting to be let down :)

the 3.2s ..graduatants spring 2005. gathered there to cut the cake :)

me and nick. i guess u can call us the artists of grad. i did the mural. he did the core design for place cards, invitations etc. :)

ok that cured my boredom for a while. i'm waiting on emma's pictures from the actual ceremony. i was running to deliver the mural so i forgot to bring my camera!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

this one is me and the handsome fellas at my school!

me and ricky verlian! we go way back to level 1! 2 of us jokers doing kitchen, projects and what-not together.

me and mr dave d'alessandro! my most favourite italia brother on campus. he's a real sweetie and i'll miss him so. thankfully he's based in melbourne so i'll have plenty of excuse to fly over there to visit :P

me and mr hokky! he lives 2 doors down from me. so him, myself and insu often eat together cos we are in the faraway block from everyone else :) i'm so gonna miss him and insu on campus. i remember them seeing me once and saying 'hey limz u were up all night yeah?i saw the light under ur door..dont work too hard..' it's the care and concern like that that makes bluey's life so so wonderful.

me and jeff! sigh i'll miss jeff heaps. at least he'll be working in sydney so i can bug him still. but it's still gonna be strange without him on campus to do silly things with and bully. i remember him calling me at 6 am to edit his assignment and then us heading for brekkie together after that. tough times. but we made it!

me and akbar! better known as ONGGIE! he's one of the coolest people around for sure. and he sings beautifully - like there's something really nice about his voice. oh and he plays the guitar well too.

me and fedo! i call him Mr Dao Ming Si. he doesnt look it now but when he wears his hair up he does look like dao ming si..sort off :P super cool fella. took cert 4 with him and the bunch of indos that really crack me up. he's going to cairns with julius and suki [couple] so ANOTHER excuse to visit :P

me and fady! my favourite lebanese tae kwon do expert in town. he's seriously cool i tell u. smart, good looking and can fight :P and he's nice! he'll be in melbourne too with dave. they are roommates. yay. more excuse for me to visit melbourne :P

last but most certainly not least, me and tony :) the presidents of spring 2005. glad we made it out alive. probably learnt a lot in the process. cant think of a better way to spend this semester. yes i was stressed, overloaded and all that but i'm ever so grateful for this opportunity :)
Whee! Grad 2005! not that many pictures but the important ones are all here ... i think...

the president's collar that i recieved at the ceremony. the speech went super well by the way! everyone loved what me and tony said :P [we basically copied it from our yearbook message bwahhaa]. it says there on the gold plate 'Student President Spring 2005' that's me! :P

that's me in my new top. can go for clubbing in it with a nice pair of jeans.. AND my nice dangly earrings. like? :P

me and ken. my favourite black guy in town :P check out his white jacket. it's got embroidered patterns all over it. only ken can carry off something as cool as this and still look good :P

from left to right - ketan, kevin [next sem's president], ken and jinny. check out jinny's tiara. her big brother was so happy she graduated that he came with a nice big bunch of flowers, camera and a princess tiara.. cute right? :P

me and the completed mural. u cant realy see the effect cos it's got light reflection. but i added a grey background to enhance the black and white. nice and well received :) and a little dream fulfilled for me to be able to say i painted a big mural once :P

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Work in progress - part 2

panel 1 - added more champagne glasses at the bottom and around. also added bubbles to bring out the effervescence of champagne. i think i've found quite a nice style to depict this.

note the bottom panel of the whole mural. i've added alot more glasses and a black cloth of sorts for the bottom to give it some weight :)

final progress check. added loadsa more glasses. re did my composition a bit but quite happy for now. shall continute tmr

this is still my favourite part of the mural. the champagne in ice bucket. note the bubbles bubbling out. i like this part best. sigh i wish i could just wave a magic wand and let all the champagne glasses appear they are simpler to do but bloody boring!

ok to bed.