Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Grad Ceremony - thank goodness emma took pictures :D

'Limin Cheng!' hahh gotta receive my president's collar ... :D

thanks sir..thanks for my diploma.. ... i always thought i wouldnt feel as good getting this as wearing the square hat..but aiya :) it still feels very accomplished.. knowing i made it so far together with the 60 other people in my batch..we've been through SO MUCH together .. :)

that's me, jinny, novi and emma :) dont we look bright and chirpy in our smurfy best? :) that collar is the one i showed u guys ..i get to wear that with my grad gown next year :) ho ho ho..

johnson, me, novi & jinny.. we are gonna be housemates come 2006 :) woohoo :D it's gonna be a ball! we get a whole proper HOUSE!

all showing off their golden keys :) woohoo.. that is the alumni key by the way. it's a symbolic thing that represents we are about to leave the school :)

emma and jeffie!

dont we all look happy? :) i love these pictures. thanks emma for taking them! i was too caught up with my speech and arranging things that i forgot to bring my camera! sigh. oh well :)

alright that's all for now. this should be one of the last times i'm wearing my blue suit :)