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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Whee! Grad 2005! not that many pictures but the important ones are all here ... i think...

the president's collar that i recieved at the ceremony. the speech went super well by the way! everyone loved what me and tony said :P [we basically copied it from our yearbook message bwahhaa]. it says there on the gold plate 'Student President Spring 2005' that's me! :P

that's me in my new top. can go for clubbing in it with a nice pair of jeans.. AND my nice dangly earrings. like? :P

me and ken. my favourite black guy in town :P check out his white jacket. it's got embroidered patterns all over it. only ken can carry off something as cool as this and still look good :P

from left to right - ketan, kevin [next sem's president], ken and jinny. check out jinny's tiara. her big brother was so happy she graduated that he came with a nice big bunch of flowers, camera and a princess tiara.. cute right? :P

me and the completed mural. u cant realy see the effect cos it's got light reflection. but i added a grey background to enhance the black and white. nice and well received :) and a little dream fulfilled for me to be able to say i painted a big mural once :P


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