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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More halloween shenanigans.. be prepared to be scared

the witch, the scary chinese ghost-bride and the going-to-be-drunk bday gal

david and dom..dom's costume is freaking scary lah! like hello!!! the baby with blood.. jeff was like 'COOL!!!'

group shot!!! yay!!!!

pretty japanese ghost [novi] and ugly chinese-ghost-bride [emma] *but dont u think emma's make up is like super good! aiyo...seriously like out of a lousy chinese scary movie bwahhaha*

ooh jeffie..so lucky ah.. :P damn am i gonna miss him when he graduates after this sem or what :)

maggie *super drunk* with the halloween decor :P nice pumpkins yeah?

did i say D-R-U-N-K?
muahahah.. haiya..24..so we all bought her a shot each..and she gets drunk so easily some more..

tista and jinny..looking good babes!


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