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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Jon-for-Jinny Saga

there was once a girl called Jinny :) Who needed to be sure Jon loved her :) So she came up with a plan to write this out in sand.. engrave it in the earth... to keep for all time

so she started writing.. 'J-..O...N....'

and writing.. hm.. not bad :)

shoo! wave! shoo!dont ruin my writing!

do a bit of touch up

looks great!

Now to take a photo with it...

and get washed away with it all!!

even the eternal earth cannot hold this. but then again, love isnt material or tangible. it's transcient, precious and oh-so-worthy. engraved in the heart is where it belongs. So that even the biggest wave cant wash it away :)

i wish you guys only the best :P


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