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Monday, September 19, 2005

Random Party Pics :) Be warned. it's a Golden Oldies party and we look like shit :)

jinny found this fantastic 70s dress at the 2nd hand shop! 7 bucks! hahahah

that's me! look at that ugly blue dress! looks like my grandmother's table cloth..but ok lah.. for the sake of the theme.. i shall sacrifice my image... :(

Jinny putting on makeup. i feel that the essence of what makes up JINNY KIM is captured in this picture :)

Jon and Tim. Jon dressed as Mr T with the chains and strange hair.. Tim as a 70s style geek. bad yeah?

Caro and Mon the door girls.. they look very 'Fame' yeah?

me and ben w. he was dressed all in checks... very bad. but oh well as i said we are in the golden oldies :)


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