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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Sports Day pictures

that's us at the soccer field after i played touch .... sigh. it was a very strange game :) and that was before me and jinny went to tussle with ken to try to dunk him only for me to get dunked in the end... :P

akriti and rob enjoying the games. look carefully at rob ah..he looks quite skinny but he is DAMN strong.. like SUPER strong.. sigh... that's why i lost the battle and got thrown in..the best part was he did it all rather gently and confidently fished me out of the pool with no threat to his strength at all...argh.

mostly level 1s. from left to right.. natalie [south african gal], ben l. [aussie], baby lucky [aka Ketan my black french lil brother], ashley and dennis

that's chef sathya - he used to be a student at school .graduated and now works part time as our weekend chef. he is super nice.. always make sure i get freshly fried eggs done medium on saturday mornings :) next to him is Tim - level 1 aussie dude

funny how in the blue mountains you can still play beach volleyball on a patch of sand yeah? :)


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