Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Some children that i photographed when out at the beach :) enjoy.

dont you think these munchkins look adorable playing in the sand?

hard to resist. especially that pudgy tummy. why is it that people will pinch the cheeks of babies and go 'so cuuuute' when they are young and tell the same overweight awkward teenager 'dont eat too much, you are fat.' the paradoxes of our worldly society. sigh.

'Papa! Papa! My hat has flown away..... ....' *thump & chase*

Yup. got my hat back.. :) can go on gallivanting now.

footprints in the sand. you have got a friend. :) miss all of you back in singapore and anywhere else. take care yeah?


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