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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spiritmakers *whoosh*
heh i'm walking down memory lane. and just thought i'll post some pics up from the camp i did. To me, i think it was one of the more memorable working experiences i've had in a while :) so here's a tribute to that. *ahem* i want my oteam chalet pictures! argh.

Taken during leadership camp 27th - 29th May 2005

the stupid boys being dumb :)

that famous/infamous taiti game where i got 4 'ti's and STILL managed to lose the game. you know what? I really think it was cos of the external pressure *glares at kai, bert, jem, jer, swee, xiaoling and the rest*

this is my ultimate favouritest picture of jerald! he looks so funny asleep like that on that table. AND he looks deceivingly angelic. beware! u have been warned:) But hey! he was my co-zaeros for this camp and it was super, dude!

Swee, U-jin and jem :) we were often just waiting around, sleeping or playing taiti, but when the occasion called for it, think they all showed me the meaning of true leadership :P

the giant and the dwarf. hey kai! do u remember dex used to go 'hey shortie..get outta my way' heheh.. ok no more sensitive jokes. you guys know i luuuurve working with you most !

that's the famous XIAOLING! our florence nightingale. there's a very funny story associated to her...it's too long to say here..but let's just say that two words 'chicken liver' takes on new meaning after this camp :)

jem the dj:) what would we do without their wonderful music? :) this little boombox system may look small and unassuming but trust me, it's super powerful!

ugly boys with ugly shoes. all the same some more! *horror* a result of their time serving our nation. but the floorball game after that was super good fun. funny how we had any energy left after barely getting any sleep over the past 2 nights. it's called adrenalin and great chemistry i guess :)

How can we forget Ujin? and U-brow? cos that's where it all started. I brought this tiger to the camp because he makes a convenient pillow/bolster/smth huggable but the boys started playing with it, poked a hole through his head and wiggled his eyebrows. hence his name U-brow. that dirty ski mask on him is just another one of u-jin's toys. he wanted to wear that for our night activity. good grief.

john, john, john. how can we forget about him? the owner of this company and our silent, long-suffering leader. he has such a guai lan look right? But he is just one of the nicest, easygoing people around. that grin looks vaguely sadistic though... ...

that's us at crystal jade. for a follow up session. i honestly think we went for that for an excuse to meet up. oh well there are always more chances to catch up for suppers, drinks ..etc. right guys?

this is Ms Lee, one of the most inspiring teachers i've ever had the privilege of meeting :) therefore, i totally understand why the boys were jealous we got to have 'girl talk' with her :)

That's all for now :) heh. as u can see, i'm posting pictures up for the sake of putting them up. but to be honest, working with these people gave me renewed hope that one day in the distant future i will be able to find a great organisation and great team i can work together with. they are a model of teamwork that i will hold close to my heart. Up there with my 21st, and Oteam :)

In the meantime, i'm still searching.. heh


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