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Saturday, July 16, 2005

While we were out in Sydney. We had a special guest. Guess who?

he went out for dinner with my friends...

found new friends!

read papers on a wet rainy day

took a train to strathfield

got lost in strathfield...

snuck out to visit bondi! *mind you. that wasnt photoshoped there. U-brow was REALLY at bondi!

even ATTEMPTED to surf !! *horrifed scream*

he even tasted orange liqueur cake! I didnt get to do that! *looks indignant*

So you see.. Sydney was 4 crazy smubbies and 1 very adventurous tiger. U-brow used to 1) not have a name 2) stay sedately at home 3) enjoy my bed a lot. Now this summer he has suddenly 1) got a hole in his head 2) can wiggle his eyebrows at me 3) has a name 4) is being brought on adventures by my friends....

tell me these people are at least 20/21...sigh.


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