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Friday, July 15, 2005

That's our hunter valley tour group. The guy is Philip, a mechanical engineering professor from Limerick, and the 2 brit gals are Sarah and Tory, med students from leeds. As Enz said, us all academic types met on this tour and got together SUPER WELL :)

That's our bus driver for the tour, Ian. He got married at the hunter valley, had his wedding anniversaries there and all that. He definitely showed us HIS version of the great hunter during this tour :) amazing stuff

Rright. here is me and dre on the bus. me a bit flushed from tasting 40 different wines and champagnes. dre obviously blissfully unaffected. not fair i tell ya

That's us at our first stop at the Rothbury Estate. We were given the whole lowdown on how to taste and appreciate wine :)

That's dre and his favourite 'port and potted cheese'. That's 3 types of foul-smelling blue cheese mixed together in a pot with a potent PORT added to it. When u first eat it it's like being knocked on the forehead! potent stuff. me and enz both went 'good grief..' and spaced out soon after. Dre? he's still grinning widely saying 'damn good. damn good.'


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