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Friday, July 15, 2005

At Manly, on our hike to North Head.. we were lost for an hour... ..
that's me still being optimistic..

we took a terribly wrong turn and were lost for 1 whole hour!!!!

we got there and it was all a blur! the sydney harbour in the distance...

a great view.. of the whole harbour. and the houses started to light up as the sun set...

we lay there on the soft patch of grass..just taking it all in :)

gosh. a 2.5 hour walk for a view like this. priceless!

You can only do crazy things like this when u are with friends. ya know? If you do it alone, you'll look quite strange and vaguely suicidal. But when a bunch of friends, you can look slightly demented together :) Right guys? *wink*


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