Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Presenting..the Presidential Suite..hehehehhe..rrright :)

Oooh..room 401! what's behind that door??

you'll see my shoes first.. behind the luggage is my small bookshelf and tv + dvd!

that's my bed! yay! very cosy..the heater is just next to it..

that's my tv and dvd player..with my shelf of books! so many books right? :)i couldnt resist adding to the collection when i got back from singapore this time....

that's my study table and beside it it's my wardrobe :) that's masha's new home!

that's my bathroom..all MINE!!!!!

this corner is a real 'work-in-progress' cos the IT manager has not removed the computer from my room yet...but once that is gone.. it'll be a nice place to have chats cos i got a small coach and a coffee table.. definitely wish you were here guys.. we'll stay up all night chatting over a nice mocha and chocolate chip cookies...

that's me in my uniform! heh. i think this is one of the first few pictures u have seen me in my uniform right? heh

that's all now. gotta get to the pub.


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