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Thursday, July 21, 2005

These are the wonderful people that looked after me when i was alone in Sydney :)

Siao charn.. tea at her place :) She made small pancakes with strawberry and custard PLUS some nice cookies with icing.. yum!

that's susan! she looked after me so well at her place. cooking yummy taiwanese dishes all the time.. we had dumplings, sichuan beef, green bean soup, tea eggs, bak kut teh and pork ribs with bitter gourd soup to name a few :)

that's brian her fiance :) he was super! a real computer whiz and such an easygoing guy !

this is their place. it's in rockdale. very convenient and good place to stay i think. the neighbourhood has everything!

yup that's where i slept. nice right? :) very cosy. i was well fed and looked after.

Praise the Lord, truly :)


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