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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dinner at Leura restaurant, Terrafirma..it was a nice night out :)they serve nice wood-fired pizzas and yummy pastas ..imagine garlic prawn pizza! yum :P

yup..that's jinny..being cute as usual

Affogato - done the proper way. Espresso coffee served straight on top of vanilla ice cream. this one had added also 1 shot of frangelico [yummy hazelnut liqueur] and little pieces of hazelnut praline..yum !!!!!!

Mmm...how to resist? U cannot find a good affogatto in Singapore..unless it's 149 meiling street *wink*

rency loves affogato too :P

and the real winner of the night! chocolate ravioli filled with raspberry coulis.. a cream anglaise sauce with freshly whipped cream and strawberries!!! yummy!! we were so impressed..and trust me, it takes quite a bit to impress 3 hospitality trained students :)


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