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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Grad Mural -work in progress

tonight woke up from my afternoon-evening nap and starting painting the grad mural :) here it is.. the first part. 3 panels of large canvas. this is the first time i'm painting something so big alone. those backdrops we did in council dont count cos everyone painted it together under my tyranny :P

first panel :) i have to finish this by sunday. the most difficult parts are out of the way for now. i intend to draw in champagne glasses. then flying ribbons..and then hopefully the names of everyone in school :)

middle panel. my favourte. thank God that i came up with this nice bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket concept just as i was drawing the composition today :)

ok this is the 3rd panel. it's sort of the mirror image of the 1st but not quite. just to add some balance to the whole mural.

i'm debating whether to paint in the background with sunbursts of yellow & orange or leave it completely black and white. cos it's a photo-backdrop thing i thought black and white will go better and look nicer on photos. yet the idea of yellow and orange just sounds more vibrant. what do u all reckon? :)

will post more pictures tmr as i add in more stuff.


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