Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween party pics

me and jinny! check out my plaits :P

that's all of us looking so happy :)

aiyah..i'm bored posting pics gotta do my assignment. will be back later

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Random photos :)

we had good fun :)

on the boat. hair-a-flying

a group photo!! :)

eating gelato

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random shots :) of our adventures at Port Stephens

hello nelson bay!

whee! me and the PINK bottle of bubbly...

us and all our fake tattoos!

maggie's one is quite suggestive.. yeah?

anita! what are u doing with the pink piggy??

fish and chips..rock! yum!

us waiting at this bloody hard to find taxi stand..and in the end it cost like 12.95 for a 10 minute journey..thank goodness there were 6 of us!!!!

stay tuned for more :)
The Jon-for-Jinny Saga

there was once a girl called Jinny :) Who needed to be sure Jon loved her :) So she came up with a plan to write this out in sand.. engrave it in the earth... to keep for all time

so she started writing.. 'J-..O...N....'

and writing.. hm.. not bad :)

shoo! wave! shoo!dont ruin my writing!

do a bit of touch up

looks great!

Now to take a photo with it...

and get washed away with it all!!

even the eternal earth cannot hold this. but then again, love isnt material or tangible. it's transcient, precious and oh-so-worthy. engraved in the heart is where it belongs. So that even the biggest wave cant wash it away :)

i wish you guys only the best :P

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some interesting purchases :)
i would like to put what i bought for my family up here, but i know they are checking out this website..so i dont wanna spoil the surprise..therefore u shall contend with my other interesting purchases :) very amusing

As Rob's angel.. i thought i should get him something other than chocolates. and since now i know that he knows that i am his angel..i can buy sillier things for him. Of course, he doesnt know that i know that he knows *get it?* so i can still play the game and not reveal my identity - while letting HIM think he is being smart. bwahha. so i bought this slippery toy for him to play with. i know it's a silly gift..but u all dont know rob. he is a very easily amused boy. so this should give him and ken plenty of laughs

engraved pebbles. nice right? Dreams is for Rob, Faith is for Ken - to reward them for the time they fried their brains over our SHD assignment. and i've even thought of the perfect way to give it to them..i'll place the pebbles face down in my palm and say 'look what i found for u at the beach!!' hehehehe :) i am still thinking who i should give Hope and Peace to...

2 happy romance novels for a fantastic price of 50 cents! jon says if i gave it to him for FREE he wouldnt even read it.. jinny tried reading it and fell asleep..goes to show how these 2 belong together :) BUt i digress. anyway. yup. weekend markets rock!

i also bought a nice brass ring for my pinkie finger.. at the weekend market. 100% handmade :) no pictures for that at the moment.. susan said i needed a pinkie ring to 'fang2 xiao3 ren2' [defend against small minded people] and i agree :) so i got it. heheh i know i'm being pandang..but just for the sake of getting a new ring. for fun lah.

ok will post more pictures once i get them from maggie :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Food food..glorious good :)

fish and chips :) we had it on a nice grassy patch near the marina :)

Rock Lobster where we had the nice seafood :) so fresh!

yum! we ordered the cold seafood platter (AUD 25) and hot seafood platter (AUD 25) had crab.. yabbies... oysters and smoked salmon. yum ! *slurp*

all ready to ATTACK!

that was my yummmy smoked salmon sandwich with mascarpone cheese and rocket salad. yum stuff!!!
Featuring Nelson Bay @ Port Stephens

this is the start of d'Alboro Marina..where we can get all the souvenir shops... restaurants etc. it is quite tourist infested and normally i dont enjoy touristy places.. but there's something nice about a seaside town that I can really take to :) touristy or not.

look at all the yachts and cruisers in the Marina :) makes you really want to save up and start being part of the rich and famous :P

that's jinny getting a tatoo. that ridiculous girl got 'J heart N [jon] with wings around the heart' um..i'll show u the picture...it sounds even more ridiculous as i type it out :P

fish and chips shop:) Yummy !!!! the fisherman's basket was great! fried crabsticks is sinful but good

beyond D'alboro Marina.. that's the town area of nelson bay in the upper part of the picture.. it's small but has everything :) so no complaints.
Port Stephens Getaway

Limin is here and ready to have fun! little beach at nelson bay!

this is the little beach marina :) pretty right? :) it's 15 minutes away from town

this is on our way to nelson bay. it's interesting how you can look out from the bush and see a wonderful blue blue sea :)

me and darling pinky :) check out my new mambo top :P it cost only 10 bucks and it's reversible. woohoo

i love the beach. i really like it. when i see it..i just feel calm. can i also add that there is no blueish tint to my photos..it is realy THIS BLUE!

THIS is Nelson Bay :)