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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Update!

a blurry picture of the tree at martin place :D

me and the christmas tree!

me and novi with a big present! i tell u ah..sydney city was really devoid of decorations..this was the best we could do ...

presenting the moxt decadently decorated christmas tree in sydney! it is situated in the Queen Victoria Building and decorated by 15 000 Swarovski crystals! it's about 3 storeys high ...and huuuuge. it took 10 days non-stop working to decorate and put this tree up

Limin 'hey novi! let's shake the tree together.. if just 1 or 2 crystals drop it'll be great!!!!!' Novi 'stupid limin.... *mumblemumble*' sigh..we can hope right???

a close up of one of the 15 000 crystals.. wah!! wish one would have dropped into my lap that day... :(

luke, heejin, christine and myself. out at the korean bbq place. luke and christine are a chinese couple transferred here to do 3rd year from our tianjin branch. so down-to-earth, warm and friendly :D new friends.. and it's always nice to know new people. :D