Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Some children that i photographed when out at the beach :) enjoy.

dont you think these munchkins look adorable playing in the sand?

hard to resist. especially that pudgy tummy. why is it that people will pinch the cheeks of babies and go 'so cuuuute' when they are young and tell the same overweight awkward teenager 'dont eat too much, you are fat.' the paradoxes of our worldly society. sigh.

'Papa! Papa! My hat has flown away..... ....' *thump & chase*

Yup. got my hat back.. :) can go on gallivanting now.

footprints in the sand. you have got a friend. :) miss all of you back in singapore and anywhere else. take care yeah?

that's me and kai taken a while ago :) nice right? I looked quite chaat-chaat that day though..sigh

isnt she pretty? that's pinky my good friend from the mountains. half thai- half chinese :) we were out at the beach picking up shells

Friday, July 22, 2005

That's me and my new St George Debit card! it's beautiful!

enz, bert and dre bought these for me. now displayed proudly in front of my tv !

ehhe all 6 shot glasses. my favourite one says 'one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!'

i folded and categorises all my summer tops according to colour :) heh.. aint i organised?? ahahha :)
Waking up for breakfast duty, and seeing this definitely makes the startto your day a lot easier!

i love you, my darlings :) where is dajie, gnet..shaun and the bluebs?

it gave my day an eternal smile on my face .... how to not smile when you see these jokers i ask you?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Presenting..the Presidential Suite..hehehehhe..rrright :)

Oooh..room 401! what's behind that door??

you'll see my shoes first.. behind the luggage is my small bookshelf and tv + dvd!

that's my bed! yay! very cosy..the heater is just next to it..

that's my tv and dvd player..with my shelf of books! so many books right? :)i couldnt resist adding to the collection when i got back from singapore this time....

that's my study table and beside it it's my wardrobe :) that's masha's new home!

that's my bathroom..all MINE!!!!!

this corner is a real 'work-in-progress' cos the IT manager has not removed the computer from my room yet...but once that is gone.. it'll be a nice place to have chats cos i got a small coach and a coffee table.. definitely wish you were here guys.. we'll stay up all night chatting over a nice mocha and chocolate chip cookies...

that's me in my uniform! heh. i think this is one of the first few pictures u have seen me in my uniform right? heh

that's all now. gotta get to the pub.
These are the wonderful people that looked after me when i was alone in Sydney :)

Siao charn.. tea at her place :) She made small pancakes with strawberry and custard PLUS some nice cookies with icing.. yum!

that's susan! she looked after me so well at her place. cooking yummy taiwanese dishes all the time.. we had dumplings, sichuan beef, green bean soup, tea eggs, bak kut teh and pork ribs with bitter gourd soup to name a few :)

that's brian her fiance :) he was super! a real computer whiz and such an easygoing guy !

this is their place. it's in rockdale. very convenient and good place to stay i think. the neighbourhood has everything!

yup that's where i slept. nice right? :) very cosy. i was well fed and looked after.

Praise the Lord, truly :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spiritmakers *whoosh*
heh i'm walking down memory lane. and just thought i'll post some pics up from the camp i did. To me, i think it was one of the more memorable working experiences i've had in a while :) so here's a tribute to that. *ahem* i want my oteam chalet pictures! argh.

Taken during leadership camp 27th - 29th May 2005

the stupid boys being dumb :)

that famous/infamous taiti game where i got 4 'ti's and STILL managed to lose the game. you know what? I really think it was cos of the external pressure *glares at kai, bert, jem, jer, swee, xiaoling and the rest*

this is my ultimate favouritest picture of jerald! he looks so funny asleep like that on that table. AND he looks deceivingly angelic. beware! u have been warned:) But hey! he was my co-zaeros for this camp and it was super, dude!

Swee, U-jin and jem :) we were often just waiting around, sleeping or playing taiti, but when the occasion called for it, think they all showed me the meaning of true leadership :P

the giant and the dwarf. hey kai! do u remember dex used to go 'hey shortie..get outta my way' heheh.. ok no more sensitive jokes. you guys know i luuuurve working with you most !

that's the famous XIAOLING! our florence nightingale. there's a very funny story associated to her...it's too long to say here..but let's just say that two words 'chicken liver' takes on new meaning after this camp :)

jem the dj:) what would we do without their wonderful music? :) this little boombox system may look small and unassuming but trust me, it's super powerful!

ugly boys with ugly shoes. all the same some more! *horror* a result of their time serving our nation. but the floorball game after that was super good fun. funny how we had any energy left after barely getting any sleep over the past 2 nights. it's called adrenalin and great chemistry i guess :)

How can we forget Ujin? and U-brow? cos that's where it all started. I brought this tiger to the camp because he makes a convenient pillow/bolster/smth huggable but the boys started playing with it, poked a hole through his head and wiggled his eyebrows. hence his name U-brow. that dirty ski mask on him is just another one of u-jin's toys. he wanted to wear that for our night activity. good grief.

john, john, john. how can we forget about him? the owner of this company and our silent, long-suffering leader. he has such a guai lan look right? But he is just one of the nicest, easygoing people around. that grin looks vaguely sadistic though... ...

that's us at crystal jade. for a follow up session. i honestly think we went for that for an excuse to meet up. oh well there are always more chances to catch up for suppers, drinks ..etc. right guys?

this is Ms Lee, one of the most inspiring teachers i've ever had the privilege of meeting :) therefore, i totally understand why the boys were jealous we got to have 'girl talk' with her :)

That's all for now :) heh. as u can see, i'm posting pictures up for the sake of putting them up. but to be honest, working with these people gave me renewed hope that one day in the distant future i will be able to find a great organisation and great team i can work together with. they are a model of teamwork that i will hold close to my heart. Up there with my 21st, and Oteam :)

In the meantime, i'm still searching.. heh

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pensive...thoughtfulness....self discovery. :)

enz deep in thought enjoying the harbour breeze

dre looking out at the beach thinking...thinking... :)

bert .. 'a quiet moment to gather my thoughts'

taking in the sea view

limin being thoughtful.
* i had to sift through so many photos to finally find one of me being thoughtful. good grief. in most of the photos i either have a funny face..or i am having a funny face. sigh. why didnt u all catch the serious/pensive essence that emanates out of my very being????

In keeping with the spirit of this blog chronicling our sydney trip thus far...here are some emails i would like to share :)

Hey Limin,

Ah thought you might have forgotten about us! The photos are dead lovely. Hope
you all had a good holiday and you're studying hard. In Noosa at the mo. Got
here today from Brisbane, only got three weeks left so going to try and cram in
Fraiser Island and the Whitsundays.

Hope all is well. In Singapore for 5hrs ish so I am hoping to make a little trip
into the city if you think I have time.

Lots of Love

Sarah and Tors x x x x
Hi Limin,
thanks for the photos. I'm actually in New Zealand (very cold here!) at the
moment, have toured around the south island for the last week or so back to
Australia in 10 days time for a week, then back home top ireland.



Saturday, July 16, 2005


Us at the Supadome for the evening service! Joyce Myers spoke!

me and dajie :)

check out all the people!! wheee.. all hear to listen to the message of grace

that's enz acting cute on the super tall umpire chairs. dre, bert also had a go at it.

if u look closely it's bert and dre pouting at me. i dont know WHY they would pout at me seeing as i've been so NICE, WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC to them the whole of this trip...*sigh*

we were SO HUNGRY that day..cos we rushed from fish market to darling harbour to supadome.. no food in our tummies. and that night dre cooked pasta. we were all pretty pasta-ed out after that.. :) look at their adorable pasta-faces :P
While we were out in Sydney. We had a special guest. Guess who?

he went out for dinner with my friends...

found new friends!

read papers on a wet rainy day

took a train to strathfield

got lost in strathfield...

snuck out to visit bondi! *mind you. that wasnt photoshoped there. U-brow was REALLY at bondi!

even ATTEMPTED to surf !! *horrifed scream*

he even tasted orange liqueur cake! I didnt get to do that! *looks indignant*

So you see.. Sydney was 4 crazy smubbies and 1 very adventurous tiger. U-brow used to 1) not have a name 2) stay sedately at home 3) enjoy my bed a lot. Now this summer he has suddenly 1) got a hole in his head 2) can wiggle his eyebrows at me 3) has a name 4) is being brought on adventures by my friends....

tell me these people are at least 20/21...sigh.