Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Work in progress - part 2

panel 1 - added more champagne glasses at the bottom and around. also added bubbles to bring out the effervescence of champagne. i think i've found quite a nice style to depict this.

note the bottom panel of the whole mural. i've added alot more glasses and a black cloth of sorts for the bottom to give it some weight :)

final progress check. added loadsa more glasses. re did my composition a bit but quite happy for now. shall continute tmr

this is still my favourite part of the mural. the champagne in ice bucket. note the bubbles bubbling out. i like this part best. sigh i wish i could just wave a magic wand and let all the champagne glasses appear they are simpler to do but bloody boring!

ok to bed.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Grad Mural -work in progress

tonight woke up from my afternoon-evening nap and starting painting the grad mural :) here it is.. the first part. 3 panels of large canvas. this is the first time i'm painting something so big alone. those backdrops we did in council dont count cos everyone painted it together under my tyranny :P

first panel :) i have to finish this by sunday. the most difficult parts are out of the way for now. i intend to draw in champagne glasses. then flying ribbons..and then hopefully the names of everyone in school :)

middle panel. my favourte. thank God that i came up with this nice bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket concept just as i was drawing the composition today :)

ok this is the 3rd panel. it's sort of the mirror image of the 1st but not quite. just to add some balance to the whole mural.

i'm debating whether to paint in the background with sunbursts of yellow & orange or leave it completely black and white. cos it's a photo-backdrop thing i thought black and white will go better and look nicer on photos. yet the idea of yellow and orange just sounds more vibrant. what do u all reckon? :)

will post more pictures tmr as i add in more stuff.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Just cos i'm bored, i'm the queen of cyber loafing :P

my future housemates - novi, selvi and johnson - with EMMA [not future housemate haha]

susan. i miss her. hope she gets well soon. pray everybody.

dajie i miss u lah :(

hello future doctors! how u two going? :P

was looking through pictures of just summer 2005. whaddaya know guys.. we are approaching 2006! gosh. i dunno if i'll be back for summer next year. but i hope so :P
Isnt he cute?

i've decided when i get back to singpaore i MUST buy the vcd for his show 'Prince turn to Frog' fantastic.. sigh.

when u get bored studying. what do u do? u download pictures of the latest cute guy to entertain urself :) bwahhaha

ok back to study ..this is my photoblog after all :P

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Me and my hood

So what up dawg? Whatcha gonna do? U aint from the hood, then i'm givin ya the boot!

check it out! authentic bluey's ...the real bling bling :P

heheh i look strange with the hood on. but it's OK! i'm cool.. i dont care ..hurrumph

heee..i know u cant tell.. but i Look SUPER HUGGABLE in this sweater :) and i miss u guys! so here's a cheesy smile from me in the blues. U'll see it for real in jan :) bwahahh

Friday, November 11, 2005

My class photo. we are graduating Autumn 2006.
Level 3.1
see us all smurfs :P

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Random photos bwahaha

my favourite 2 babes on campus.. jinny and carolyn :P caro is the oic for grad this semester and she is SUPER :)

today was orion day :) and from left to right - the director of the school: Mr Player, Mr Cook (my darling VP), Tony :) and me!!! we look like a political party right? bwahahhaha hilarious..oh well :)

nice picture of mr pattenden :) when asked to write my best memory..i wrote 'doing SHD assignment with rob and ken!'bwhahaahh *shrugs*

jon jon and baby ketan :) my doorman for the halloween party :) gently coerced i say :P

david and emma :)

jeffie! i think my photography skills are great. he says he can use this on dating websites to get girls .. *winkwink*

that's me missing u guys.. *sniffle sniffle*

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Melbourne Cup

me and jinny all dressed up... ...

us at the Melbourne Cup banquet.. salmon was yum :)

indo babes.. at the banquet..

us..with our chocolate dessert and jeff treating the coffee biscuit like a sigar.. :P

me and tony giving out 'best dressed prizes'

that's me and tony with damien [former src president] ..gave him the best dressed prize..to me personally all the guys looked the same good grief!

that's our table :) heheh good memories

ok ..that's me taking pictures in my retro green bathroom...muahaha
i miss u all!
will be home in no time!
This was from the Career Expo day..when we went to Sydney :)

on our way down to Sydney..jeff was fast asleep in susan's car..

that's all of us at a fuel-stop.. hello Maccers!

4 pretty gals :)

Singapore power..me and david :) - best dj in town..seriously
More halloween shenanigans.. be prepared to be scared

the witch, the scary chinese ghost-bride and the going-to-be-drunk bday gal

david and dom..dom's costume is freaking scary lah! like hello!!! the baby with blood.. jeff was like 'COOL!!!'

group shot!!! yay!!!!

pretty japanese ghost [novi] and ugly chinese-ghost-bride [emma] *but dont u think emma's make up is like super good! aiyo...seriously like out of a lousy chinese scary movie bwahhaha*

ooh jeffie..so lucky ah.. :P damn am i gonna miss him when he graduates after this sem or what :)

maggie *super drunk* with the halloween decor :P nice pumpkins yeah?

did i say D-R-U-N-K?
muahahah.. haiya..24..so we all bought her a shot each..and she gets drunk so easily some more..

tista and jinny..looking good babes!
Maggie's Birthday Dinner - Friday before Halloween Party

birthday girl maggie cutting cake ... caramel cheesecake..yum

me, maggie and anita..enjoying our entree - seafood supreme soup..slurrrrp

oooh.. yum.. hee i put this photo up so that u all can check out my plaits.. nice? i know very act-cute..but it was to go with my devil horns for halloween

check out the cake.. with nice candles that had sparkles heheh

lovely couples.. right to left - emma, david, johnson & novi :P

my favourite picture of maggie..heheh blowing out the candles..she turns 24 :)