Check out my pictures everyone :) I'm gonna TRY to be photo-happy here. So stay tuned.

Monday, September 19, 2005

goofing off in room 401 :)

that's baby lucky [aka ketan] sitting on top of jon while he does a push up

baby lucky after a massage on my floor... *hai.. my room is really multi purpose ah*

me at jon's place in sydney

why does this black guy look white? :)

Random Party Pics :) Be warned. it's a Golden Oldies party and we look like shit :)

jinny found this fantastic 70s dress at the 2nd hand shop! 7 bucks! hahahah

that's me! look at that ugly blue dress! looks like my grandmother's table cloth..but ok lah.. for the sake of the theme.. i shall sacrifice my image... :(

Jinny putting on makeup. i feel that the essence of what makes up JINNY KIM is captured in this picture :)

Jon and Tim. Jon dressed as Mr T with the chains and strange hair.. Tim as a 70s style geek. bad yeah?

Caro and Mon the door girls.. they look very 'Fame' yeah?

me and ben w. he was dressed all in checks... very bad. but oh well as i said we are in the golden oldies :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dinner at Leura restaurant, Terrafirma..it was a nice night out :)they serve nice wood-fired pizzas and yummy pastas ..imagine garlic prawn pizza! yum :P

yup..that's jinny..being cute as usual

Affogato - done the proper way. Espresso coffee served straight on top of vanilla ice cream. this one had added also 1 shot of frangelico [yummy hazelnut liqueur] and little pieces of hazelnut praline..yum !!!!!!

Mmm...how to resist? U cannot find a good affogatto in Singapore..unless it's 149 meiling street *wink*

rency loves affogato too :P

and the real winner of the night! chocolate ravioli filled with raspberry coulis.. a cream anglaise sauce with freshly whipped cream and strawberries!!! yummy!! we were so impressed..and trust me, it takes quite a bit to impress 3 hospitality trained students :)
More Sports Day pictures

that's us at the soccer field after i played touch .... sigh. it was a very strange game :) and that was before me and jinny went to tussle with ken to try to dunk him only for me to get dunked in the end... :P

akriti and rob enjoying the games. look carefully at rob ah..he looks quite skinny but he is DAMN strong.. like SUPER strong.. sigh... that's why i lost the battle and got thrown in..the best part was he did it all rather gently and confidently fished me out of the pool with no threat to his strength at all...argh.

mostly level 1s. from left to right.. natalie [south african gal], ben l. [aussie], baby lucky [aka Ketan my black french lil brother], ashley and dennis

that's chef sathya - he used to be a student at school .graduated and now works part time as our weekend chef. he is super nice.. always make sure i get freshly fried eggs done medium on saturday mornings :) next to him is Tim - level 1 aussie dude

funny how in the blue mountains you can still play beach volleyball on a patch of sand yeah? :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Inter level sports day some pictures :)

that's me all geared up for sports day :)

ivo, yuvi and johnson all ready to represent 3.1! yay

that's jinny and ricky goofing off

the winning soccer team - 3.1!! yay!

that's maggie, lagoon, cindy and anita all ready to do the egg and spoon race

i couldnt resist putting this photo in. Tobias looks so comical walking grumpily with that spoon in his mouth

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Make way for my future boyfriend!

wah.. look at him. So goodlooking right? He is the star in the latest taiwanese tv serial 'Prince turned to Frog or Wang2 Zi3 Bian4 Qing1 Wa1' Super goodlooking..and his acting is superb too! Ming Dao :) *swoon* Go watch that show..guarantee you wont regret it.. better then meteor garden even :)

aww... look at these 2! So cuute. I remember one of the first nicknames i gave them when we were back in JC was 'Gek Sey' and 'Act Cool' Perfect epitome of that :) But adorable still! Glad they are doing well in mich :) how can they not?